Transcultural Platforms for the 21st century

Transcultural Platforms for the 21st century
Luís Serpa, cultural manager
Director O MUSEU TEMPORÁRIO-Cultural Engineering Project[s], Lisbon
President INDUSCRIA-Platform for the Creative Industries, Lisbon

Partnerships and networking are the driving force for cooperation in the global era. Although individuality has gained a new sense regarding a given society or a community’s social capital, the “ethics of responsibility” offers an infinite field of possibilities to our “personal” cultural projects, based in constellations that each one of us can (re)shape according to our own model. In the context of the new economy, the ability to innovate is a process involving a new approach to knowledge, competitiveness and cultural consumption. A plan for vitality and vibrant education relies on the capacity to attract, stimulate and catalyze the greatest possible range of diverse and creative players in a sustainable development project. How can cultural and educational institutions respond to this?

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